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Associated building wreckers is also a provider of temporary or permanent roll off containers for construction cleanup, roofing debris removal, and demolition waste. Each of our roll off vehicles is radio dispatched and gps enabled to make sure we arrive to your jobsite on time, every time.

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that historically has been used in a variety of construction materials for insulation and also as a fire-retardant. Today, asbestos is most commonly found in older homes, in pipe and furnace insulation materials, asbestos shingles, textured paints, floor tiles and mastic and many other coating materials.

Asbestos fibers are incredibly strong and have properties that make them resistant to heat, hence their intrinsic value for so many years. Many products are in use today that contain asbestos. Most of these are materials used in heat and acoustic insulation, fire proofing, and roofing and flooring. Unfortunately, the same qualities that made asbestos a great insulator in the past make it hazardous today. Significant health problems often develop from prolonged exposure to disturbed asbestos fibres.

As with our demolition business, recycling is a top priority. With 80-90% of all material being processed at local recycling centers, rest assured that your project will comply with all leeds initiatives for material disposal.

Demolition is typically thought of as blowing up buildings or swinging a wrecking ball in order to take a building down. What most people do not realize is that demolition is an engineered process of safely and efficiently removing a variety of structures. Implosions make up less than one percent of all demolition projects and the crane with wrecking ball technique is seldom utilized anymore.

At abw, demolition is performed by highly skilled personnel with state of the art equipment. Hydraulic excavators have replaced cranes with wrecking balls and allow demolition to be completed in a much more controlled and efficient manner. Our excavators can be equipped with multiple demolition attachments including hydraulic shears, concrete processors, hammers, grapples and magnets. These attachments are easily interchangeable and provide alternative tools for completing demolition of various structures.

There is a great deal of time and energy devoted to the engineered pre-planning phase of every demolition project. Special consideration is placed on environmental issues, public safety and health risks, employee safety hazards, and recycling processes. Companies that perform demolition services are considered specialty contractors.

Associated building wreckers has been performing demolition services since 1933. Associated is one of the largest demolition contractors specializing in demolition, asbestos removal and concrete crushing in massachusetts.

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Towfan Alkhalij Is Also A Provider Of Temporary Or Permanent Roll Off Containers For Construction Cleanup, Roofing Debris Removal And Specialty Contractors, Recycling Is A Top Priority Demolition Waste